Full Day UBUNTU Workshop & Live Stream


This Saturday 1st Oct 2016 – from the Lotus Lodge Inn – Bolton Valley, Vermont.
10am – 5pm EST

Click on the link below to join the Live Stream.

This is one of the most critical UBUNTU workshops since our launch in 2005. We will be sharing the full plan of action and implementation of our NEW strategy for the USA which will be replicated in all other countries with slight variations.

We expand on the strategy applied in the South African elections in August 2016 – ONE SMALL TOWN – Can change the world.

Please join me in the Live Stream if you cannot be there and share this as widely as possible and let us grow the UBUNTU spirit as widely as possible.
In unity and resonance –
Michael Tellinger


  1. Leon says:

    Hi Michael. I’m a great fan of your work. Having searching for truth/esoteric knowledge and studying religion geopolitics philosophy for some 20 years, and recently watching one of your clips on twitter posted by a dutch guy called Tim Vermeulen, as well as knowing someone who did an interview with you rather recently, Glenn Swart, I have some information to share. Should you care to liaise via email my email address is leowill8888@gmail.com.

  2. Beatrice says:

    I missed the event and am VERY interested in the information. How can I get a copy of the live stream event. thanks

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