“ONE SMALL TOWN” Can change the world!

The new global UBUNTU plan of action for 2017

“ONE SMALL TOWN” Can change the world! – is about to be released any day. While in the USA, during Sept 2016 we had a powerful strategic meeting with several of the UBUNTU USA team core members and agreed on our new strategy and plan of action that we all believe will be unstoppable.

The ONE SMALL TOWN plan is a solid model which will unite people and their political leaders while providing unimaginable opportunities for conscious millionaires to come to the rescue of the many stagnant or failing small towns in the USA and all over the world.

We are creating communities of abundance, where people live united in support of each other – instead of living divided in fear of each other – and where everything and anything is possible, because there are no hurdles or restrictions to progress. This plan will be implemented in all countries with minor modifications, through the core management teams in each country.

We are now truly starting to pave the highway of unity across all borders and cultural divides, out of the matrix of economic enslavement, and manifesting our own UTOPIAN reality that so many of us have wished for all our lives. A new society where the need for “money” is no longer relevant.

There are many movements that share great knowledge and information with people of the world, but at this stage it seems that the UBUNTU Movement isthe only movement with a plan for the future, and a NEW SYSTEM. The plan is simple and easily achievable. All we have to do is unite and work in cooperation and collaboration. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are trying to mislead you or keep you trapped in the matrix.

Anonymous, is planing large gatherings to voice the people’s unhappiness with global affairs and stating that we urgently need a new PLAN. I urge everyone to notify the Anonymous Group that UBUNTU has a plan – and to help spread the awareness of our plan to the world.

We are creating a new alternative and a new way ahead for all of humanity –without any violence, resistance, or opposition to anyone. As we create this new reality and a new system for ourselves in our united communities, the old system will simply wither and fade away.

In the days to come, I will be reaching out to all countries to establish the core UBUNTU management teams that will receive detailed training regarding the Plan of Action so that they can present it to their own towns accurately.

In unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger


  1. karole kelley says:

    Yes, please. Thanks.

  2. Donna Wiser says:

    It has been a long journey to find the heart of these teaching. They have lived in my heart all my life. I raised five children. This lives in their hearts. I kept them from schools . I traveled with them on the road for seven years and felt the power of this. They are all grown now and struggling to find a way to support humanity without checking in to the system. The past years I have attempted a few projects but I see now that I didn’t have enough information and support. I didn’t know there was support.
    2013 I renovated a home in the downtown area of my small town. I opened it and invited people in for Chaga tea and raw organic treats. Did open Mic’s, poetry readings, drum circles . People were so uncomfortable that there was no money exchange. The town labeled us ???? And were afraid to participate. Free was much too uncomfortable.
    2015 I took over the a retreat center . 65 acres in the North Georgia mountains in the midst of the Cherokee National Forest. It appeared to be perfect for establishing this concept because the work force was volunteer. The property was suited with a five acre organic garden and farm. I spent a year trying to get the ownership of the facility to see this concept and make the shift from harvest human energy to maximize profits to a utopia that it was the blinking of an eye from. In January I had to lay it down due to the fact them at the beautiful people coming to support the vision were treated so badly. I had failed once again.
    I still have access to that property and I believe that with the support of these teaching this could and would occur. I have remained in good standing with the millionaire that owns the property. She is teachable. I was just lacking the proof I needed.
    This property was declared a Native American Church at its inception 18 years ago . I was also grated, by a tribe in Utah, a Branch of the Native American Church to function under .
    My deepest desire is to complete this work before my time is over here to serve .
    I would be willing to do anything that would move this forward . My children are grown and have found places to serve humanity. I protected them from schools, Did not have them vaccinated and traveled with them for seven years on the road where they experienced this provision.
    By trade I am a registered nurse birthing assistant and wellness specialist that has so much information to share with individuals that are ready to reclaim their health . Wherever these skills can be of service I am willing to be.
    This is my life’s work not an idea that I think is good.

  3. Pete says:

    Talking of one small town, my former home town of Frome in Somerset looks like it could be fertile territory in the UK. I’ve not lived there for 20 years but I still know a few locals.. Check out the video on the home page, they certainly have adequate humor. and independents taking full control of the Town Council is one heck of a feat! Half way home!?



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