A SHAMAN’s JOURNEY 25 Oct – 8 Nov 2019

A SHAMAN’s JOURNEY 25 Oct – 8 Nov 2019

25 October – 8 November 2019

Exploring the cosmic energy and healing properties of the Stone Circle Ruins and Adam’s Calendar

With Shaman Eagleheart, Butterfly Dances and Michael Tellinger.

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13 Days of Shamanic Ceremony – Meditation – Healing – Chanting – Toning – Exploring – Connecting – lower and upper world journeys and connecting with the guardians of the ancient sites. Expanding our collective Consciousness and manifesting a NEW world.

PRICE: 3600 US$     ( Includes accommodation – all meals – ground transportation – general ceremony materials ) R40,000 for people from South Africa and surrounding African countries

EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL – Get 20% off – If you book and pay deposit before 21 August 2019 and pay only $2880.00 USD      R32,000 for people from South Africa and surrounding countries

PAYMENTS: Pay directly into our account OR with PayPal:

Account: Stone Circle Tours – First National Bank – Waterval Boven – Account number: 62687791775
Branch code: 270451 – – SWIFT Code: FIRNZAJJ

OR with PayPal: to michaeljtellinger@gmail.com (Please add 4% for bank charges)

We now know that the circles are constructed from highly acoustic stones.  Many of these stones ring like bells, tuning the circles to significant solfeggio frequencies and emitting specific healing energy. Join us as we align with this cosmic energy and undertake a series of shamanic journeys working with these frequencies to unravel the mystery, power and energy of these ancient ruins. 

We invite curious conscious experienced adventurers and musicians to join us for a 2-week exploration of the shamanic aspects of the Stone Circles and Adam’s Calendar.

You should be comfortable with being outdoors in the bush for full days. You must have a moderate level of physical fitness and climb stairs. You must be able to hike without assistance from others. Some ruins require 30 – 45 minute hike over uneven terrain and steep slopes.

Tour summary: 

Week 1 experience minimum of 6 stone circles, Adam’s Calendar, participate in shamanic ceremonies, healing journeys and measure the healing effects on your body.

Week 2 experience minimum of 6 other stone circles, Sacred Waterfall, participate in Shamanic energy ceremonies, clearings, healing plus time for your own personal exploration.

Day 1 Fri. 25 Oct Arrival, Intention setting, Fire ceremony, sacred pipe ceremony
Day 2 Sat. 26 Oct Sunrise river ceremony, Museum tour, trip to Adam’s calendar, Stone Bed Frequency attunement, Sunset drumming ceremony
Day 3 Sun. 27 Oct Activating shamanic tools (dowsing rods, pendulums), Mountain
Top Welcome Stone Circles, ringing stones, shamanic journey
Day 4 Mon. 28 Oct Visit Blaauwbosch Healing Stone Circle, return to Plant and Human activation circles in Welcome circle, healing ceremonies
Day 5 Tues. 29 Oct Visit Layers of Civilisaton stone circle, Circle of Fossils, hidden and unexplored circle
Day 6 Wed. 30 Oct Ceremony at Dravidian Fertility Circle, connect to frequencies, time for personal exploration of  the 5 stone circles we’ve visited
Day 7 Thurs. 31 Oct Daytime OFF, shopping and re-stocking of supplies.  Evening Halloween ceremony – releasing trapped spirits.
Day 8 Fri. 1 Nov Energy Research Circles, Bone & Blood Healing Circle, Dravidian Dreaming Circle, DNA Activation Circle, Meditation Circle
Day 9 Sat. 2 Nov Visit Giant fossils, Raw Earth Energy Vortex and Circles, Magnetron energy generation site
Day 10 Sun. 3 Nov Travel to 7 chakra waterfall for clearing and re-balancing ritual. Ancient stone physical body tuning at mountain plateau.
Day 11 Mon. 4 Nov Exploration of ancient tools and Toroidal stones in museum, measuring bio-field changes due to interaction with these stones.
Day 12 Tues. 5 Nov TBD as the group decides. This day is your personal time to re-connect, continue to explore.
Day 13 Wed. 6 Nov TBD from day 12. This day is your personal time to re-connect, continue to explore. Evening pipe ceremony and  farewell dinner.
Day 14 Thurs. 7 Nov Departures


 TRAVEL NOTE: plan to arrive in Johannesburg before noon.  We will arrange transport from the Intercontinental Hotel, departure 1pm – 2pm.   Or you can book yourself transport on a shuttle bus (talk to us about the logistics of this option)

DAY 1:  Friday 25 October

Welcome orientation and ceremony

You will arrive at Stone Circle in Waterval Boven around 4 and get settled into your accommodation.

NOTE: because of the pipe ceremony tonight please refrain from consuming any alcohol

After sunset we will gather together around a ceremonial fire for introductions, welcome and questions.

Emma Jane ( Butterfly Dances) will lead us in grounding all the energy of arrival. John Paul will transition the circle into a fire ceremony.  Michael will lead us in setting our intentions for the journey of healing and discovery.

John Paul will close the circle with a Pipe Ceremony, calling in the 7 directions and inviting the spirits and ancestors to work with us over the next 2 weeks of adventure.

We’ll all get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow we start early.

DAY 2:  Saturday 26 Oct.

Stone Circle Museum & Adam’s Calendar

Sunrise will greet us at 5:23 at the river that flows along the boundary of the property.

You are invited to wade into the river for a shamanic ritual.  Using Solfeggio tuning forks, sunlight and the water John Paul and Emma Jane will guide you through a ceremony to help you connect and make discoveries.  You will let go of those things you need to release, and receive those things that you need.

After breakfast Michael, Emma Jane and John Paul will provide an orientation to the journey. Michael will take us into the museum and give us an orientation to the discoveries so far (including the new discoveries of giants and mud fossils).

Siesta and light lunch

NOTE: Every journey will include voluntary measuring our bodily functions and aura field Pre – During – Post exposure to the energies of the sites in order to document your personal healing.

1-pm we will set off for Adam’s Calendar. Once there, we will connect with the site, share information, downloads, and channelings.

Our intention is to spend the whole afternoon through Sunset at Adam’s calendar, Dumuzi’s grave, the Sphinx and other sites along the “pilgram’s pathway”.

(6:20pm) Sunset ceremony. We will drum the sun down and connect with the energy of this sacred place.

We will travel back to Stone Circle base camp for dinner.

DAY 3:  Sunday 27 Oct

Welcome Circle

Morning mediation and tuning at the river will happen every day.

We’d love you to share what you experienced and have integrated about yesterday’s adventure over breakfast 8-9.

After packing our lunch, we head out to our first stone circle experience at 10/10:30.  We will head to the top of a special hill where there are two conjoined circles.  This is the place we call the “Welcome Circle.”  There are many, many circles in this area. We will explore about 6 of them.

Upon arrival at the top we will smudge, and ground.  John Paul and Michael will explain the electromagnetic frequencies.  We will also discuss and distribute shamanic tools to balance yourself to these strong energies.

Emma Jane will help us tune and calibrate our shamanic tools of pendulums and dowsing rods.  This is the time to share any tools you have brought with you.

John Paul will share his channellings from this place.  This hilltop is where the Anunnaki builders welcomed visitors to show off their work here in the deep Abzu. Michael will bring us all up to speed with what we’ve learned about the Anunnaki presence here.

You will have some time to hike around, explore the various parts of this site; Homesick hill, Welcome landing, Plant DNA, Human DNA, Woman’s research etc.

After lunch we will create sacred space around one particular circle within the plant lab circle. You will explore the circle and find a significant ringing stone that speaks to you.  Together we will sound the circle. We will have a musical jam with the ringing stones to charge ourselves and the space with the frequencies of those tones.

We’ll hike back to the hilltop to re-ground, share and refresh.  On this hill, we will have our first shamanic drumming journey to seek answers and information about these musical tones and these circles.  We will use a particular shamanic posture that connects us as observers and guardians to the site.

We will aim to head back to base camp before sunset… but we will also go with the flow of what’s transpiring.

Over dinner we will share and make a plan for tomorrow’s return visit.

Day 4: Monday 28 Oct

Return to Welcome Circle plus Healing Circle

Today is the New Moon.  John Paul will be conducting a new moon pipe ceremony at the river early in the morning.

Over breakfast we will share dreams and re-confirm intentions for the return to the Welcome circle.

Again we will pack our lunch and head back to the Welcome circle.

This 2nd day is for further research, meditation and healing.

In addition: we will stop at a the very large circle we passed on the way in. This has become known as the Healing Circle.  So many people have reported healings after exposure to this circle.

Once at the top, there will be time for more exploration, and further research comparing the Human DNA circles with what we have felt and learned at the Plant DNA circle.

The day will end with healing work using the frequencies of the stones following a channeled healing recipe.

Dinner back at base camp and the evening to reflect, journal and chat.

Day 5: Tuesday 29 Oct

Return to Welcome circle plus 3 other circles

Today we will head to another are of circles located near the Welcome Circle. We will visit the Layers of Civilisations Circle, the Circle of Fossils and newly discovered and still hidden circle

For each stone circle we will follow a similar plan of discovery.

·         Measuring body functions and aura size

·         What we know about this site

·         Smudging, grounding and exploration of the site

·         Sounding the stones / aligning with the frequencies

·         Shamanic Drum journey

Day 6: Wednesday 30 Oct

Return to Welcome circle neighbourhood of circles

On the way in we will visit the Dravidian Fertility circle.  While not a circle of Anunnaki energy this circle has been re-purposed by a more recent civilization.  Michael will share with us his knowledge of the Dravidian culture’s presence here.

We revisit circles in this Welcome neighbourhood for more discovery, research, meditation and healing

Over dinner we will compile our discoveries and make a list of things we’d like to do and try in week two.

Day 7 – OFF:   31 October
We’ve done a lot, Adam’s Calendar, at least 4 stone Circles, a Dravidian site so Today is a day of Rest.There might be some spontaneous journey but nothing is planned in advance for this day.It is Beltaine / Samhain – the time of the year when the veil between worlds is particularly thin. For those who wish, you may join in a special ritual this evening to release trapped souls.
Day 8: Friday 1 November

Energy research circles

We’ll start our second week with an intention circle to confirm, re-confirm or change our intentions for further knowledge, understanding and integration.

After we pack our lunches, we will head to an area of many circles that create, harness, amplify and filter specific energies.  Many of these circles have wisdom to share from both the original Anunnaki  builders as well as wisdom from the Dravidians who re-purposed these circles.

We are heading off to an “energy research” grouping of circles. These newly discovered circles are part of a complex that was created to gather, amplify and focus earth energies.

We will stop off to explore and experience 4 stone circles.

1.       Blood and Bone healing circle

2.       Dravidian Dreaming Circle, Bring pillows and blankets because this is a resting / dreaming site.

3.       DNA activation Circle

4.       Meditation Circle

We might modify our plan of discovery.

·         What we know about this site

·         Smudging, grounding and exploration of the site

·         Aligning with the frequencies

·         Shamanic Drum journey

Dinner and evening back at the lodge

Day 9: Saturday 2 November

Return to Energy Research Stone Circle area plus Giant Fossil remains

After a relaxed morning, we’ll head back to the “energy research” circles

We will stop off quickly for a walk among the giant fossil stones.

We will head to the top of the valley to arrive at the Raw Earth Energy Vortex and circles.

After our picnic lunch we will hike to the Magnetron circle.  This circle still emits very strong electro-magnetic frequencies so we will only venture into the circles briefly.  Outside the circle we will explore the unique honeycomb shaped cells.

We’ll return to the dreaming circle to watch the sunset.

Dinner and evening back at the lodge

Day 10: Sunday 3 November

7 Chakra waterfall ritual

In order to ground what we are learning and discovering, and to allow the energies to balance Emma Jane will guide us to a beautiful water fall.

John Paul will take us all through a 7 chakra ceremony as we journey up-stream to a brilliant water fall.  You will be re-born here in this sacred site. At the waterfall we will create a stone rhythm circle where we will ask the spirits and guardians of this place to teach and protect us.

Quick return to Adam’s calendar is possible.

Day 11: Monday 4 November

Toroidal Stone experience

We return to the museum to work with, experience and learn more about the ruins, tools and especially the toroidal stones. (including the one that crashed the TSA computer system) You will explore what happens to your biofield in relationship with these powerful energy stones.  We will also get the chance to work with other ringing stones.

We will also build and experience a stone healing chamber.

This evening before dinner John Paul will conduct a Despacho Ceremony.  This ceremony creates a mandala of gratitude and thanks.  It is an energetic exchange used for healing, re-establishing right relationship and protection.

Late dinner at Stone Circle Lodge.



Day 12: Tuesday 5 November

Personal Discovery

So much will have happened across this adventure that we are holding these last two days in reserve for what the group needs.

These are your days for your own personal need to re-connect, explore or heal. We might re-visit a site, head out somewhere new… we will be led by the needs and feelings of the group.

Dinner back at Stone Circle Lodge

Day 13: Wednesday 6 November

Personal Discovery

This is our final day together.  As well as heading out into the field, we will compile the medical data that has been gathered.

NOTE: because of the pipe ceremony today please refrain from consuming any alcohol

Before dinner John Paul will conduct a closing pipe ceremony.  We will ground our learnings and honour each other with prayers, gratitude and love.

We will have a final dinner together and enjoy South Africa’s delicious Pinotage wine. 

Day 14: Thursday 7 November


Please consider a final morning river cleansing before everyone departs back to our other lives.


Last year we discovered that a majority of the stones that comprise certain stone circles ring with a clear bell tone.  See video https://youtu.be/dsfcxhu26pw

Our preliminary research on one of the inner circles of the “Welcome circle” isolated 61 sound frequencies.  The most dominant one being 147 HZ.  Research into the pitches of the stones points to all of the tones being healing Solfeggio frequencies.

John Paul / Eagle Heart, an experienced Shaman and Site Whisperer, will lead the group to explore the power of these ringing stones and the frequencies produced by all the stone circles.  We will engage in various shamanic practices as we uncover the healing powers, messages and dynamic potential of the stone circles.

John Paul, Michael and Emma Jane all felt that NOW is the time to call together a group for this specific shamanic, healing journey.

Note: You will be hiking, meditating, journeying, dousing and making music with the stones.

In addition to visiting and experiencing at least 12 stone circles and other sacred sites, the shamanic modalities you will experience include but are not limited to:

  • Connecting to the grid
  • Drumming journey
  • Water ceremony
  • Smudging
  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony
  • Fire ceremony
  • Despacho ceremony
  • Grounding and centering
  • Dowsing and pendulum
  • Channelling / receiving spirit downloads
  • Energy Healing and soul retrieval



The important realisation is that the stone circles act as amplifiers of subtle Earth frequencies, which are harmonic coherent fractals of Earth frequencies – all perfectly resonating with the Prime Resonant Frequency of the Earth.

By being exposed to the amplified frequencies of the stone circles, we are exposed to the coherent harmonic frequencies of Gaia (Mother Earth). All the cell of our bodies begin to vibrate and resonate in harmony with these natural Earth frequencies – or energies – and all the cells and organs of our body slowly start to come into coherence with the natural frequencies of Earth itself.

Any dissonant or dis-eased cells in our bodies are broken down and expelled. This is the simplest way to explain how the Stone Circles can heal us.

While we need to do much more ongoing observation and research, we have enough evidence that shows how we can use these ancient structures for the benefit of humanity in the present.


One of the most exciting and recurring effects of the ruins and Adam’s Calendar, are the deeply profound spiritual experiences and conscious awakenings that take place.

There are simply no words to describe this recurring phenomenon. Even people that have been fast asleep most of their lives undergo a shift in consciousness. Most likely because the ruins affect our DNA at the prime-resonance-frequency level. Sometimes the effects are felt immediately and other time there is a delayed reaction – but many people have reported these over the past decade. We have had truly extraordinary channellings and information downloads at the sites – by shamans, healers, and others with special gifts in these areas.  Even detailed instructions on how to use the stone circles for healing.

My Welcome Circle Vision Quest by John Paul

In January of 2018 I was part of the initial research group to explore the stone circles. Toward the end of the month I felt drawn to go on vision quest. (Three days and nights of fasting and praying) at what we call the ‘Welcome circle’.  This site was a powerful channeling spot where I received many channeled messages from the Anunnaki builders.

I was guided to pitch my tent at the apex of the two joined circles. We knew that the electromagnetic frequencies of the circles was strong but I was assured by my guides that all would be fine.  I set my sacred space, did my cleansing rituals and prepared to meet the spirits of the place.  After wandering the site, I felt very tired and thought I’d have a little nap. I remember feeling lightheaded and passed out. 13 hours later I awoke to see / feel 4 Anunnaki spirits hovering outside my tent.  “You said you wanted to chat. Well here we are.” For the next days and nights I was shown things, had things explained and was taught how we might use the power of these circles.

I was guided to one particular circle that was used to stabalise DNA modifications of plants. I was invited to tap the stones.  We knew that sometimes we would come across a stone that rang like a bell, but in this circle, the majority of the stones ring.  It was explained to me that these particular frequencies along with sunlight and water created the power to stabalise their procedures and it will do the same for us.


 About John Paul / Eagle Heart

John Paul  (Eagle Heart) is a site whisperer.  He travels the world visiting sacred sited and connects with spirits of that place. These spirits share the mysteries, purpose and function of these sites along with unique ways to experience the sites in the present dimension.  “Time is now and as I access this perpetual Shaman’s time I get to experience the site as it is functioning in a parallel time with the guidance of a spirit who is also at the same site in another time.”

John Paul has been a practicing Shaman for 32 years.  In addition to being a ceremony man and site whisperer, he is also a theatre and film director. John Paul has lived, worked, and created ceremonies in the US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Bali, Peru, Costa Rica, South Africa and Australia. He was trained in traditional Native American Shamanism by a range of Medicine men and women and Grandmothers. He is a sacred New Moon pipe carrier and teacher of the Medicine Wheel.  John Paul leads Sweat Lodge ceremonies and channels the 44 Grandmothers. In a parallel reality John Paul is the CEO and Chief Alchemist of the Auspicious Arts Incubator where he helps artist create sustainable arts businesses.


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