How to neutralize 5G Radiation

How to neutralize 5G Radiation

Let me introduce you to my friend Prof. Ilija Lakicevic from Serbia.
One of the most brilliant scientists, inventors, and out of the box thinkers of our time. Former research scientist at the Max Planck Research Institute in Germany. His groundbreaking nano technology gives us a truly simple and effective way to protect ourselves against 5G Radiation and all other harmful Electro-smog radiation around us.  Tried & Tested in a reputable Blood Research Lab – London, England – and various other experiments.
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Image of blood cells. Notice how the cells start to clot and congeal shortly after exposure to cell phone radiation, G4 and G5 tested.

After the Omnia Radiation buster sticker was applied – the blood cells flow smoothly with no clotting or sticking to each other.

Images of Frozen Water before and after exposure to 5G radiation shows how 5G destroys the perfect hexagonal shape of the water crystals. Cells look ripped apart and smudged – while after protected by the Omnia Radiation buster sticker, the water take on a clear snow-flake-like hexagonal structure again.

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