Michael Tellinger in Dallas Texas 15 October 2017

Michael Tellinger in Dallas Texas 15 October 2017


The Lost Civilisation of Southern Africa
Origins of Humankind – NEW DNA research
Adam’s Calendar and the Stone Circles
Gold Mining Empire of The Anunnaki
Advanced Technology of the Ancients – NEW Research
Nature of Reality – Sound – Cymatics and Magnetism
Sound as a Source of Energy – Free Energy
Convergence of Science – Spirituality and Consciousness


Co-creating a new world of abundance & prosperity for all  – The Rise of Consciousness
Exposing the Banking & Corporate Fraud
What do we do when the global economy collapses
UBUNTU Contributionism – A world free of money

Plan of action – How do we get from HERE to THERE

The Ubuntu workshop will dive into the local concerns and issues relevant to Central Texas, and how Ubuntu presents a simple solution – One Small Town – Can Change The World strategy

BOOK HERE:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/michael-tellinger-live-dallas-tx-tickets-38030785102  

DATE &  TIME:  Sun, 15 October 2017  3:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

VENUE: Unity on Greenville –  3425 Greenville Avenue – Dallas, TX 75206

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