1 Sept – Michael Tellinger in Stockholm, Sweden

1 Sept – Michael Tellinger in Stockholm, Sweden

1 September 2018 – I am very excited to finally make it to Sweden – after many years of wanting to visit. I will be doing an in depth presentation in Stockholm on Saturday, 1st of September 2018 – TIME: 1-5 pm – at Norrmalmskyrkan – Norrtullsgatan 37, Odenplan, Stockholm.

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This is a detailed and in depth presentation-workshop that will cover the following:

  • The Lost Civilisation of Southern Africa
  • The Largest Collection of Stone Ruins on Earth
  • Origins of Humankind – Anunnaki in Southern Africa
  • Fossils of Giants and Extinct Creatures
  • Adam’s Calendar and the Stone Circles
  • Gold Mining Empire of The Anunnaki
  • Advanced Technology of the Ancients
  • Nature of Reality – Sound and Cymatics
  • Sound as a Source of Energy – Free Energy
  • The Particle Physics Agenda
  • The Rise of Consciousness Today
  • Exposing The Banking & Corporate Fraud
  • What do we do when the global economy collapses
  • UBUNTU Contributionism – A world FREE of money
  • Creating a NEW Social Structure
  • ONE SMALL TOWN – Can change the world Strategy
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