Stone Circle Ruins – Research Internship Programme

Stone Circle Ruins – Research Internship Programme

8 Jan -9 Feb 2018

UPDATE: The response to this research programme has been so overwhelming it has taken me completely by surprise. More than twice the number of people we can accommodate have signed up in the first week. As a result of this I may take in more people that we originally wanted – BUT, I will definitely set up another 2 months in 2018 to continue this programme. Please sign up if you want to join – even if you do not make it into the first group – I will respond to all who signed up and accept everyone by the date order in which you applied.

For Enthusiasts and Post-graduates

If the spirit of exploration beats in your heart – and you have a passion for discovery and research, join me, Michael Tellinger for the first ever research expedition among the ancient stone ruins of South Africa.

For 4 full weeks we will explore many stone circles, Adam’s Calendar, the Giant Foot print, rock carvings, tools and artefacts, existing sites and new sites. We will examine; investigate; photograph; video; take samples; evaluate; catalogue; and gather critical information that will shed new light on the mysterious ruins, their origins and purpose. Our intention is to use different areas of research science to show how everything is connected and how everything around us effects everything else.


We will cover the following areas of research: Archaeology; geology; erosion; patina growth; sound frequencies; electromagnetic measurements; astronomy; archaeo-astronomy; soil samples; sediments; infrared photography; genetics; botany; mineral content; artefact; dating techniques; aerial photography; oral tradition; shamanic teachings – and other activities.

During this journey, we will also take time out to relax and enjoy our time together while we visit the Kruger Park and other sacred sites.

Programme Details:

DATE: 8 January – 9 February 2018

CAPACITY:  12 people maximum

COST OF PARTICIPATIONUS$ 2000 all inclusive (R20,000 for South African participants) Does not include international or national flights. Participants need to make their own way to our venue in Waterval Boven, South Africa. Clear details will follow.

You will be provided with accommodation; food; all transport during the programme, and some tools for the research. We will work in groups of 2-4, with diverse specialities and interests in each group. We will only use the most reputable research facilities for analyses.

IMPORTANT: If you have any unique and specialised tools or equipment that will help us with our research – please notify me and bring it with you to help us with our research.

EQUIPMENT: If you have any specialised tools or equipment that you can donate or loan to the Stone Circle Research Programme – please email me to make arrangements. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated and displayed in the NEW Stone Circle Museum.

FITNESS: You have to be fit, and healthy, and able walk up steep hills, climb rocks, and able to spend long days in the sun and on the mountains.



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