Support the Stone Circle Ruins Preservation Program

Support the Stone Circle Ruins Preservation Program

At this stage there is no effort or program to preserve and look after the ancient stone circle ruins of South Africa.  I and the Stone Circle Museum team, are the only ones doing so, in my own capacity and limited resources – in the heart of the most concentrated ruins – in the area of Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga. It is a relentless, never-ending struggle against the forces of nature – grass, weeds, trees, animals, and fires.

We have identified around 20 ruins that need constant attention. This is done so that we have a few examples that are visible and accessible to visitors and tourists. If the ruins are not cleared, the annual winter fires burn right against the walls and crack the stones  – which causes a collapse of the walls.

Please support this important effort in the following ways:

  2. Become a PATRON of the Stone Circle Museum – with a monthly contribution
  3. Join my VIDEO CHANNEL HERE – A portion of the funds are allocated for ruins preservation.

Thank you – Keep exploring – Michael Tellinger

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