If your teacher cannot explain the basic principle of the subject to you in 60 seconds, it is NOT YOU who is stupid – It is the TEACHER who should find another job.

In 1979, I started to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Pretoria. After 6 months, I decided to leave. No matter how hard I tried, I simply could not comprehend what the lecturers were trying to teach me. They could not explain anything – simply.
I moved to the WITS School of Pharmacy and suddenly I understood everything.
If your teacher cannot explain the fundamentals of something to you simply in 60 seconds, it is NOT YOU who is stupid, it is they who should find another job.

The subjects of vortex fields AND scalar energy AND torsion fields AND angular momentum AND torus energy AND magnetic fields – are a few basic examples. They all describe various aspects of the same thing.

Everything is simple – It is the education system and the convoluted way they have designed the system and language and text books, that makes it seem complicated. Join my PRIVATE VIDEO CHANNEL
Learn how everything is connected in the world around us – and how simple everything really is figure out, once you have the basic foundation of real wisdom, that manifests as knowledge. Just because someone is very clever does not mean they are wise.

Keep exploring – Michael Tellinger

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