Five Days of Shamanic Healing in Jan 2022

Five Days of Shamanic Healing in Jan 2022

Join me Michael Tellinger, and master Shaman Eagleheart, and Emma Jane Butterfly Dances on a Spiritual Journey of Rejuvenation and Healing – among the energetic stone circle ruins and Adam’s Calendar – in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
DATE:  5-9 January 2022
PRICE: $1,300 USD  (South Africans R11,000)
(Includes accommodation at Stone Circle Lodge, food, ground transport)
Capacity:  16 people max.
Payment by PayPal to:
Bank Transfer to:
Stone Circle Tours
First National Bank
Account number: 6268 779 1775
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Waterval Boven
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We look forward to taking this journey with you.


With John Paul (EagleHeart), Butterfly Dances and Michael Tellinger.
Exploring the cosmic energy and healing frequencies of the Stone Circle Ruins and Adam’s Calendar.
We now know that the stone circles are built of the same group of acoustic stones, emitting specific healing energy and tuning the circles to significant solfeggio frequencies – amplifying these good Earth frequencies through the walls. We now know that the circles are built of the same group of acoustic stones that ring like bells. Join us as we align with this cosmic energy and undertake a series
of shamanic journeys working with these frequencies to unravel the mystery, power and energy of these ancient ruins
We invite you to join us for a five day exploration of the healing powers of ancient sites.

Our journey will consist of shamanic ceremonies, mediation, toning, sounding, lower and upper world journeys and connecting with the guardians of the ancient sites.

You need to be experienced with being outdoors in the bush for full days. You
must have a moderate level of physical fitness. You must be able to hike without
assistance from others. Some ruins require 30 – 45 minute hike over uneven terrain.

Five full days of healing and adventure

Day 1  – Wed 5 Jan  – Arrival, Museum tour, Fire ceremony, Intention setting, sacred pipe ceremony
Day 2 – Thurs 6 Jan –
Sunrise river ceremony, trip to Adam’s calendar, Stone Bed Frequency attunement,
Sunset drumming ceremony
Day 3 – Fri 7 Jan –
Mountain Top Anunnaki Welcome Circles, ringing stones, shamanic journey
Day 4 – Sat 8 Jan –
Energy Research Circles, DNA Activation Circle, Magnetron energy generation site
Day 5 – Sun 9 Jan –
Lone Creek waterfall water ritual, erasing negative karma, personal healing
• Smudging, grounding and exploration of each site
• Aligning with the frequencies
• Shamanic Drum journeys

Every journey will include voluntary measuring of our bodily functions and aura field Pre – During – Post exposure to the energies of the sites in order to document your personal healing.
Plus Extra individual healing opportunities like:
Chakra healing labyrinth – Ringing stone healing chamber – Interaction with Torus Stones – Cone Shaped Tools


DAY 1 – Wed. 5 Jan

Welcome orientation and ceremony
You will arrive at Stone Circle in Waterval Boven by 12 noon
and get settled into your accommodation.
NOTE: because of the pipe ceremony tonight please refrain from consuming any alcohol
After dinner we will gather together around a ceremonial fire. Michael will lead us in setting our intentions for this journey of healing and discovery. Our intentions will be fed to the fire.
John Paul Eagle Heart will close the circle with a Pipe Ceremony, calling in the 7 directions and inviting the spirits and ancestors to work with us over the next days of adventure.
We’ll all get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow we start early.
After lunch Michael, Emma Jane and John Paul will provide an orientation to the journey. Michael will take us into the museum and give us an orientation to the discoveries so far (including the new discoveries of giants and mud fossils).
Around 5pm we travel to Blaauwbosch Healing Stone Circle. This has become known as the most powerful healing circle. Many people have reported healings after exposure to this circle. Here we will hold a world healing meditation.

DAY 2 – Thurs. 6 Jan

Sunrise will greet us at 5:23 at the river that flows along the boundary of the property.
You are invited to wade into the river for a shamanic ritual. Using Solfeggio tuning forks, sunlight and the water John Paul EagleHeart and Emma Jane Butterfly Dances will guide you through a ceremony to let go of those things you can release, and receive the things that you need.
After breakfast we will guide you to the ringing stone healing chamber and the labyrinth.
By 10am, with our lunch packed, we set off for Adam’s Calendar.
Once there, we will connect with the site, share information, downloads, and channelings.
Our intention is to spend the whole day through Sunset at Adam’s calendar, Dumuzi’s grave, the Sphinx and other sites along the “pilgrim’s pathway”.
We will travel back to Stone Circle base camp for dinner and dreaming tea (7:04pm) We’ll have a snack and settle in for the Sunset ceremony. We will drum the sun down and connect with the energy of this sacred place.
We will travel back to Stone Circle base camp for dinner and dreaming tea.

DAY 3 – Fri. 7 JAN

Over breakfast we’d love you to share what you experienced and have integrated about yesterday’s adventure.
After packing our lunch, we head out to continue stone circle experiences At 10ish we will head to a special hill where there are two conjoined circles. This is the place we call the “Annunaki Welcome Circle.”
Upon arrival at the top we will smudge, and ground. John Paul and Michael will explain the electromagnetic frequencies. We will also discuss and distribute shungite crystals to balance yourself to these strong energies.
Emma Jane Butterfly Dances will help us tune and calibrate our shamanic tools of pendulums and dowsing rods. This is the time to share any tools you have brought with you.
EagleHeart will share his channelings from this place. This hilltop is where the Annunaki builders welcomed visitors to show off their work here in the deep Abzu. Michael will bring us all up to speed with what we’ve learned about the Annunaki presence here.
You will have some time to hike around, explore the various parts of this site site and ring a few stones; Homesick hill, Welcome landing, Plant DNA, Human DNA, Woman’s research etc.
We’ll hike back to the hilltop to re-ground, share and refresh. On this hill, we will have our first shamanic drumming journey for deep healing and to seek answers and information about these musical tones and these circles.
We will aim to head back to base camp before sunset… but we will also go with the flow of what’s transpiring.
Dinner back at base camp and the evening to reflect, journal and chat.

DAY 4 – Sat. 8 Jan

We’ll start the day with an intention circle to confirm, re-confirm or change our intentions for further knowledge, understanding and integration.
Lunches packed, we will head to an area of many circles that create, harness, amplify and filter specific energies. Many of these circles have wisdom to share from both the original Annunaki builders as well as wisdom from the Dravidians who re-purposed these circles.
Around 5pm we travel to Blaauwbosch Healing Stone Circle. This has become known as the most powerful healing circle. Many people have reported healings after exposure to this circle. Here we will hold a world healing meditation.
We call this location the “energy research park”. These newly discovered circles are part of a complex that was created to gather, amplify and focus earth energies.
We will stop off to explore and experience the DNA activation stone circle.
After our picnic lunch we will hike to the Magnetron circle. This circle still emits very strong electro-magnetic frequencies so we will only venture into the circles briefly. Outside the circle we will explore the unique stones of this location.
Dinner and evening back at the lodge.

DAY 5 – Sun. 9 Jan
The morning is set aside for labyrinth walking and individual stone chamber healing.
With your swim suit and towel, we will head out to Lone Creek waterfall for a clearing and re-balancing ritual.
(possible crystal shopping in Kaapsehoop) EagleHeart will lead us through a water cleansing ritual where we will receive blessings from the flowing water and alter the water in our bodies by bringing the negative ions of the falls into our toroidal fields.
Back at base camp there will be time for labyrinth walking and individual stone chamber healing As well as an erasing negative karma meditation at the river.  The day draws to a close with a group healing circle Final dinner and wine.

Day 6: Depart or stay to relax at the Stone Circle Lodge with friends and


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