Fossils of Giants & Creatures Everywhere

Fossils of Giants & Creatures Everywhere

The mountains of Mpumalanga, South Africa are covered in fossils.

We just need to open our eye so see them.

This is just one great example of a giant fossil stone – that was once a large chunk of meat, from an unknown creature or large being. Notice the scratch marks or claw marks on the one area. This would have happened when it was still a reasonably soft piece of meat, with possible skin on it – before it was covered in mud – and eventually turned into a petrified piece of meat. Commonly known as a “mud fossil”.  Discoveries like these keep expanding the horizon of events that took place here in the Stone Circle area of South Africa.

Come see the incredible collection of fossils in the Stone Circle Museum – book into the Lodge for a few days and take a full tour of all the sites including Adam’s Calendar.There are giant petrified bones and body parts that will make you rethink the true history of our world – and the reality that GIANTS of many shapes and sizes, once walked this earth – in large numbers.

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