Negative Ions Kill Corona and Other Viruses – So Do Stone Circle Ruins

Negative Ions Kill Corona and Other Viruses – So Do Stone Circle Ruins

So do Stone Circle Ruins and Great Zimbabwe

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Prof John Oxford from University of London showed this many years ago. The W.H.O. and government health agencies should be sharing this information – BUT that is not good for BIG Pharma and the billions of dollars they are making from bogus drugs. Big Pharma are among the few companies that are truly profiteering from the Corona threat. Be careful of their vaccines that kill children and people – please research this for yourself.

Learn about the simple natural treatments for infections – negative ions, colloidal silver, lemon juice, MMS, and others. It is fascinating to know that the Ravne Tunnels at the Bosnian Pyramid, excavated by Sam Osmanagic, are filled with high concentrations of Negative ions – that not only cure infections but many other medical problems. Sam has 10 years of testimonies from people cured from many diseases while visiting the tunnels.

In Jan 2020, Sam and I were at the Great Zimbabwe ruins during our Journey To Sacred Africa Tour – where we measured the highest concentration of Negative ions ever measured anywhere on Earth – at the conical tower in the Great Enclosure – we measured up to 450,000 neg. ions/cubic cm. This is almost unbelievable – and provides a scientific explanation why so many people have experienced miraculous healing by simply visiting the Stone Circle Ruins of South Africa and Zimbabwe. The stone circle ruins somehow create negative ions from the electromagnetic activity they generate.

I have shared detailed information about the technology of the ruins in the past – please sign up to my Video Channel for hundreds of hours of lectures and archive material CLICK HERE to subscribe – Much more to come on this healing subject.

Come visit the Stone Circle Ruins in Waterval Boven – Mpumalanga, South Africa – see the oldest civilisations on Earth – AND experience the healing at the same time. Email to make a booking.
Keep exploring – Michael Tellinger


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