The Healing Effects of The Stone Circles of South Africa

The Healing Effects of The Stone Circles of South Africa

A scientific interpretation of how the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar may induce healing

By Michael Telllinger – 24 July 2018

Since 2007, when I first stepped into some of the ancient stone circles in South Africa, I knew that we were facing something unique and extraordinary. I had no idea how my intuition would grow and expand.

Over the past decade I have taken several thousand people to the ruins and Adam’s Calendar. Almost everyone that visits me at the Stone Circle Museum, or takes a tour to the stone circle ruins, claims that they experience some kind of energetic episode. Especially in the Stone Circle Museum, where the concentration of stones is extremely intense.

Some people cannot take the intense energy in the room and leave as quickly as they enter, while others express a variety of feelings and emotions – ranging from euphoria, to nausea, tingling, spine chilling, twitching, dizziness and much more. Personally, I love it – it truly energises me to be in close proximity to the many ringing stones and TORUS stones. (Much more about the torus stone in future articles)

The same happens when we go to the actual sites on the mountains. Different stone circles have different effects on people. Some cannot stay inside for very long – while others want to lie down and sleep – and some sit and meditate for hours, lost in their own journeys.


Since 2010, many of the visitors have reported that they experienced healing in some way after their visit to the ruins. I have been told countless tales of what the people experienced and what healing they observed. A truly diverse list of health problems that were either alleviated to a certain extent, or even cured completely. From breathing, skin problems, headaches, muscular pain, back ache, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, and more.

But the most mind-blowing confirmation came from a friend in the USA – who attended more than one Sacred Sites Tour with me, who told me in confidence that she was totally cured from an advanced stage of cancer. She told me that I saved her life, because she arrived in South Africa thinking that it may be her last trip. Upon returning to the USA her cancer had retreated completely. She claims that it was a combination of the intense ENERGY of the ruins and Adam’s Calendar that caused her healing.


In January 2018, I held my first Research Expedition, during which we discovered the spectacular fossils. BUT, we also did an ongoing series of vital body function measurements over a period of one full month. Taking readings before and after exposure to the ruins and Adam’s Calendar. Blood pressure; temperature; heart rate; blood flow; retinal response; and several other measurements.

The results were astounding. There is no doubt that exposure to the stone circles have a positive effect on the bodily functions which we measured over a 30-day period.

Is it possible that the Stone Circles and Adam’s Calendar can be used for HEALINIG.? And should we contemplate introducing deeper spiritual, meditation, healing & wellness journeys to the ruins?

I began to wonder how this unexpected phenomenon could be explained scientifically – so that everyone can truly grasp it and fully resonate with it. The key word here is RESONATE.


From conducting many electronic measurements, we know that the stone circles are powerful energy generating devices. Each circle is a Cymatic pattern that represents the subtle Earth frequencies that rise from the surface at that point. The stone walls simply amplify the frequencies through the concentrated quartz/silica content, and create moving amplified sound frequencies and magnetic anomalies, that in turn create electro-magnetic fields emanating from the stone walls.

The ancient architects were very smart – they knew how to take the constant flow of subtle sound frequencies from the surface of the Earth – how to amplify it – and turn it into usable energy for all kinds of needs they may have had at the time.


To attain unity and harmony in our lives and in the world, everything needs to be in perfect harmony and coherence, to function without breaking or falling into dissonance which we have called “dis-ease”. The reason why we get sick, is because we are in dis-ease with our environment, food, water, air, with life and the Earth itself.

Our reality, our physical world, and everything in creation, whether it is seen or unseen, is a consequence or harmonic resonance – where everything is manifested into physical form by its prime resonance frequency (Prime Directive – for Trekkies). This physical form is held in a coherent grid of source-code unity by constantly vibrating or resonating in harmony with everything else in creation.

Anything and everything that goes against the Prime Resonance Frequency of creation, will ultimately be destroyed by its own dissonance, and expelled from our reality or simply disappear. We can see this in our own lives every day. As soon as there is dissonance or dis-harmony, things break and fall apart. This was the technique used by Royal Rife when curing cancer patients in the 1930’s, by making dissonant cancerous cells in the bodies of his patients break up – and then be expelled by the normal bodily functions.


The important realisation is that the stone circles act as amplifiers of subtle Earth frequencies, which are harmonic coherent fractals of Earth frequencies – all perfectly resonating with the Prime Resonant Frequency of the Earth.

By being exposed to the amplified frequencies of the stone circles, we are exposed to the coherent harmonic frequencies of Gaia (Mother Earth). All the cell of our bodies begin to vibrate and resonate in harmony with these natural Earth frequencies – or energies – and all the cells and organs of our body slowly start to come into coherence with the natural frequencies of Earth itself.

Any dissonant or dis-eased cells in our bodies are broken down and expelled. This is the simplest way to explain how the Stone Circles can heal us.

While we need to do much more ongoing observation and research, we have enough evidence that shows how we can use these ancient structures for the benefit of humanity in the present.


One of the most exciting and recurring effects of the ruins and Adam’s Calendar, are the deeply profound spiritual experiences and conscious awakenings that takes place. There are simply no words to describe this recurring phenomenon. Even people that have been fast asleep most of their lives undergo a shift in consciousness. Most likely because the ruins affect our DNA at the prime-resonance-frequency level. Sometimes the effects are felt immediately and other time there is a delayed reaction – but many people have reported these over the past decade. We have had truly extraordinary channellings and information downloads at the sites – by shamans, healers, and others with special gifts in these areas.  Even detailed instructions on how to use the stone circles for healing.

HEALTH & WELLNESS – Tours & Meditation Groups

I will be announcing a number of Meditation, Healing & Wellness Journeys to the Stone Circle ruins and Adam’s Calendar very soon so please visit my website to get more details. If you would like to join our first upcoming Health & Meditation Tour in December 2018, please email me at OR to reserve your place. The space is always limited and we can only accommodate 20 people.

Keep in mind that I am developing a number of diverse journeys to the ancient and sacred sites, each with a different focus, so please go to my website and find the journey that most resonates with you.

I trust that this has opened your mind to new knowledge and possibilities and I hope to see you in my part of the world and South Africa at some stage if you can make it.

In unity & resonance

Michael Tellinger

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