Think Very Deeply Before You Take a Covid Vaccine

Think Very Deeply Before You Take a Covid Vaccine

Think very carefully before you allow your government to inject you with an untested substance made by BIG PHARMA, that genetically modifies your DNA. If you are unaware of this – you are not fully informed. M-RNA is messenger RNA – it is a genetic coding molecule that changes your DNA. Government and those who work for big pharma will deny this because most people are simply ignorant or in denial about what is going on.

Most of us are naive and still believe that government is on our side. Our governments are the instruments of large corporations and the banking elite. Your body is your temple. Protect it – it is sacred – not to be messed with by dictators and large corporations. The bottom line is that there is NO COMING BACK from the vaccine and its MANY side effects. Be aware – stay informed and stand your ground on sovereignty. Stop watching mainstream NEWS propaganda. The rest is up to you.

Please watch this video:

I do not like to share videos on this subject but here is one that compiles many alternative media hosts and scientists warning people about the serious dangers. Please watch it if you are still on the fence or confused by mainstream propaganda. I admit… it is compelling and sounds really really scientific and credible… but that is how all lies and propaganda campaigns sound.

The logic should tell us that those who took the vaccine should feel protected and safe from the “virus” because they are vaccinated. They should not have to worry about the rest or getting sick themselves. And yet the “vaccinated ones” are turning into brutal fascist police, attacking those who don’t mind taking the 99,78% calculated risk of of surviving a bad flu? It is all arse-about-face.

Once again the global elite have cunningly succeeded in diving people and turning us against each other – instead of recognising our common enemy. But have no fear,  ONE SMALL TOWN is coming – and all of this will be forgotten very quickly while we create our new towns of prosperity and abundance and TRUE science that serves the people.

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