Trillions of Funding Available For All Countries

Trillions of Funding Available For All Countries

BUT – First the leaders need to follow the example of the USA and how Donal J Trump quietly took control of the central bank – The FED. They will need to do this quickly – before their central banks realise how vulnerable they are and do what the Bank of England did – offer direct debt relief to the country – at very low interest rates.

The central banks of the world and the banking system, is the primary tool, used by the global elite – to control all individual countries and the whole world. Many have tried to overthrow the banksters since the 1700s – but so far, no one has succeeded. All who have tried were killed and eliminated – from ordinary people, to Kings, to Fuhrers, to iconic presidents like Lincoln and JFK. President Donald J. Trump has become the first world leader in over 250 years to cleverly outsmart the Rothschild empire – by quietly absorbing the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA into his government under the Treasury Department.

The reason why we have heard very little about this in the mainstream media, is because the mainstream media is owned by the same banking families that own the FED and all central banks of the world. They have done their best to underplay this information and fudge the details so that ordinary people do not realise how bad the situation actually is – and that the bankers have lost control of their primary central bank in the world – the FED.

Since late March 2020, Trump has essentially become the head of the FED, able to create as much money as he needs, at any time – and rescue the USA from the economic collapse linked to the Corona lock-down.

This is a great example for all other leaders to follow, to bring full and rapid economic recover for all countries, while removing the primary tool of enslavement used by the Banking Elite to keep the world hostage. Has Corona possibly become the most unexpected blessing in disguise that humanity has ever received? The rest of 2020 will deliver the end game.
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